Vision, Mission, Core Values


WFSE is an efficient, dynamic, member-driven and diverse organization that supports and empowers public service employees.  We achieve this through organization, training and education in all public forums and political levels with activism, integrity, pride and coalition-building.  We build public support and trust.  Our membership is inclusive in nature, seeking uniform fairness with strong ethical standards to protect public interests.


WFSE’s purpose is to organize and empower individuals to create a powerful collective voice, respond to the needs and directions of the membership, achieve and maintain excellent wages, benefits and working conditions, ensure the union is a positive force in workers’ lives, families and communities and unite the locals of WFSE/AFSCME for mutual protection and advancement of workers.


DEMOCRATIC:  Membership-driven, members connected and essential to the process.
RESPECT:  Ideas, diversity, perspectives, public respect, dignity, and compassion.
INTEGRITY:  Honest, ethical, courageous, doing what’s right, mean what you say, trust but verify.
FAIRNESS AND EQUITY:  Representation without bias to include political action. Diversity in ideas, behavior and differences.
PROFESSIONALISM:  Mentoring, responsiveness, accountability, continuous improvement, education and training.
BETTERMENT OF WORKERS’ LIVES AND FAMILIES:  Wages, benefits, working conditions, healthcare and safety.

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