Applause for "Just Cause" at rally boosting Student Services Support Staff at TESC

Ralliers march huge petition to the president’s office at The Evergreen State College in Olympia.

Academic advisers, financial aid counselors, sports coaches and others who now can be fired at will at The Evergreen State College (TESC) in Olympia got a rousing round of “Applause for Just Cause” at a Wednesday (Nov. 7) rally at the college’s Red Square in Olympia.

Students, faculty, members of other campus unions (including WFSE/AFSCME’s Classified Staff unit) and allies filled a huge canvas petition with applauding hands and signatures in support of the just cause rights the Student Services Support Staff is seeking in negotiations for their first-ever contract.

“Just cause means we can’t be fired at will,” said Bargaining Team member Leslie Johnson. “There has to be a process….

“It’s the basis for any union. The Faculty Union has it. The Classified Union has it. And now it’s our turn.

“We need to make some noise and be heard. We have a right to just cause. And not having just cause is being at-risk. And as at-will employees, we are at risk. So we need your support to give some applause for just cause.”

And they did, with students taking up the huge banner and leading a march into the college president’s office.

Contract negotiations resume today for the TESC Student Services Support Union (sometimes called the TESC Non-Management Exempt Staff).


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