Negotiators Reports

Area Report 10/15/15 Interpreters

Language Access Providers (Interpreters):

MAM/MAC: Due to a double claiming issue, the UW Dental Clinic is the one remaining public health hospital that participates in MAC. However, we are still working to collect crucial information from the local health jurisdictions, who have not been previously consistently tracking or reporting a number of different data points related to interpreter services for Medicaid eligible clients. The new requirements for data tracking go into effect in January, but HCA may start receiving a lot of useable data in the next few months.

WAC Changes DTB: The WAC changes related to DSHS certification for independent interpreters and dual-language staff have been finalized, but we’re bargaining the impacts. We are scheduled to meet on this Oct. 19th. Our team is tentatively Leroy Mould, Mireya Figueroa and Irine Kariuki.

UMC: Our UMC meeting scheduled for 9/17/2015 was canceled, but it has been rescheduled for 10/22, and we have already shared our many agenda items with Management. Most of them deal with CTS portal problems. The next regularly scheduled UMCC is set for Dec. 10th.