Negotiators Reports

Area Report – CWU 4/2016

Central Washington University (CWU):

The Union had two demands to bargain at Central Washington. One pertained to the SURC Building. The Employer wanted to paint the SURC interiors. After polling the affected members the members agreed, they did not have the time to perform the job, and agreed to contract it out on a non-precedent setting basis.

The second DTB involves the roof of the archive building and the gutters of the library. The affected members did not believe they had the time to replace the roof, and the Union and Employer agreed to contract the work on a non-precedential basis. The Employer has not sent the schematics for the gutter project, and the Union is waiting to evaluate the affected member’s capability and time restraints before any decision is made. In this meeting, the Union also addressed communication and bundling of projects. The Employer asked if members could ask questions about upcoming contracting projects, and if the Employer could answer those questions. The Union responded that that could be appropriate if the Employer refined from turning such questions into bargaining or negotiation with the employees directly.

The Union brought up the bundling of projects. The Employer stated the bundling in the archive and library buildings was done to use the capital preservation fund. That fund has a $25,000 minimum for projects. However, the Employer agreed that they would work on addressing the concerns of the membership, and would work to clearly, and separately, identify future contracting projects.

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