Bargaining underway at the UW

#MyVoiceCounts at the UW. Bargaining is underway.

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• University of Washington Update. The UW Bargaining Team also kicked off bargaining May 21. The team presented its package of initial proposals, including placeholders for the wage sections. “This means we intend to open the article, but are not ready to present any numbers at this time,” the team reports.

“This session started on a more positive note than many others. We quickly reached a settlement on the ground rules-with the University agreeing to pick up most of the cost for the team.

“Veterans of the team were pleasantly surprised that we reached tentative agreement on two articles on the first day (classifications and terms of agreement).

“We also agreed that future sessions will include both union and management experts (a union expert is often a member who does the actual work under discussion), on subjects ranging from parking, to outsourcing, the corrective action system and even protective wear and cool suits for medical staff.”

The UW team returns to the table June 16.

The next day, UW members held a contract solidarity event outside University Medical Center with guest speaker Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant, who donned an AFSCME green t-shirt to urge extending any $15-an-hour minimum wage in Seattle to cover the 800 or so Federation members at the UW who make less than that.


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