Bargaining Update for TESC SSSSU

TESC-SSSSU-BargainingOn Thursday (4/25/13), our Student Services Support Staff Union traded package proposals over the last 8 Articles with College administration. After over a year of negotiations, bargaining has boiled down to two critical issues:

  • Just Cause (a fair way to implement disciplinary actions like terminations); and
  • Pay.

The College’s bargaining team (management) has now rejected Just Cause for our union a total of 8 times.

In addition, TESC administration has now given us 3 separate pay proposals, all of which offer pay increases lower than those they have said they will give themselves.

To say that our union negotiation team is disappointed, would be an understatement.

Our team developed a comprehensive counter-offer that retains our critical priorities of fair disciplinary processes, including Just Cause, and a fair compensation proposal. The rest of the time was spent planning our upcoming job actions.

We are grateful to the 30 + students who recently delivered a letter of support for our union to President Purce.

The next scheduled bargaining date is May 7th.


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