BULLETIN! WSU members accept wage re-opener package

wsubt60712aWashington State University members have voted 53-3 to accept the wage re-opener package that will bring a one-time 4 percent lump sum payment for members, and also a paid University Leave Day.

This comes under WSU’s current, 2013-2015 contract.

Balloting closed Wednesday night.

The 4 percent lump sum payment will be paid out during the July 25, 2014 payroll cycle.

The paid University Leave Day can be used by members until June 30, 2015. This additional paid leave day can be used in conjunction with a holiday to ensure eligibility for holiday pay or to add to a vacation leave request.

This agreement came about by persistent advocacy by the 2013-2015 WSU Bargaining team. They and the members they represent never gave up.

By the way, the next cycle of bargaining is in progress on the next contract, for 2015-2017.


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