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In case you don’t see it anywhere else: AG Ferguson responds to Senate majority’s inquiry on why he’s challenging unconstitutional actions

Note: One of our functions in this era of media consolidation is to be a news outlet as well. This is one case where through sources we have obtained an important piece of public information that we have an obligation to pass along to WFSE/AFSCME members and all citizens. The Federation has obtained state Attorney …


Spirit of St. Louis takes aim at why “right-to-work” is wrong

A delegation from the WFSE/AFSCME Communications Committee went to St. Louis last week to join a vibrant convention of the International Labor Communications Association. The ILCA, meeting a few days before this week’s national AFL-CIO Convention across the street, took aim at “right-to-work.” WFSE/AFSCME’s Director of Field Services Megan Parke joined the high-power panel on …


WFSECon17 delegates say: “100% Union – Aim Higher”

The Federation’s 2017 biennial convention ended Sunday in Seatac after delegates debated, networked, elected officers and put us on the path to victory against an expected adverse United States Supreme Court decision and what one newspaper called the “oligarchs” behind it. The high court’s hearing on the Janus case is expected early next year. We …


They lied in Wisconsin. Now they’re lying here. Why “right to work” is wrong for Washington

When they did this in Wisconsin, they promised it’d raise pay. Guess what? They lied. From The Stand: “They didn’t get raises when this happened in Wisconsin. State employees got pay cuts and, in some cases, lost their jobs. After Republican Gov. Scott Walker and the Republican Legislature imposed ‘right-to-work’ laws, they cut state employment …


Yakima Valley School member wins prestigious Althea Lute Memorial Scholarship

Stephanie Hutson-Wade, a Local 1326 member at Yakima Valley School in Selah, has won this year’s $5,000 WFSE/AFSCME Althea Lute Memorial Scholarship Award. Hutson-Wade is a social service specialist 3 at YVS, “working with people with developmental disabilities in crisis and respite stays,” she says. She plans to use the scholarship to complete a bachelor’s …


Everett Herald: Key to ending Capital Construction Budget crisis may lie in the 45th District

As the state Senate Republicans' capital construction budget hostage crisis hits Day 167, The (Everett) Herald's Jerry Cornfield reports that some hope a Democratic victory by Manka Dhingra in the 45th Senate race will free the budget in December and spur a bipartisan compromise on the Hirst decision. Read story here: