CC Coalition bargaining update 5/23/14

CCCBT-2014-4We, as your team, have heard all of you voice what your top priorities are loud and clear – a pay increase and better conditions for part-time hourly employees.

That is what our chief negotiator, Debbie Brookman, placed first before management, Article 43- Compensation.  She stressed very clearly the need for a pay increase, since the last one was in July 2009.  That the funds for the community colleges  also comes  from an outside source, and is not totally dependent on the revenues received by the state like our counterparts in General Government.  That we, as classified staff, have taken more financial hits than any other sections within the community colleges, and that even within the last year some on our campuses have received raises.  It is now time to rectify this.

Next on the table she placed Article 5 – Part-time Hourly Employees (please note the title change of this article.  Not sure what it was please look at the contract.)  Stressing that the number of part-time hourly employees on the campuses is growing in numbers and seen by the administration as a cheap replacement for classified staff when a position becomes vacant; receiving no benefits, and many times in their position longer than what a “temporary” position should be defined as.

So this is how we started the session.  We, also, placed on the table 13 articles and an Appendix before management, and now we wait until the next meeting and see what the response is.  If you have questions, want a status report, learn what all this means and how it will affect you, please contact your shop stewards, MAT leaders or bargaining members on your campuses.  Or better yet, organize a Lunch and Learn and discuss it in your groups!  Remember we are 3,000 strong!

That’s it until we meet next with management later in June!


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