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This is where you can find information about collective bargaining for the 2015-2017 contract. Team members were elected by institution, with number of representatives based on the number of bargaining unit employees represented at each community college, with at least one at-large representative who is a part-time/hourly employee. Additional appointments to fill vacancies may occur.


Bargaining Team Roster

  • Bellevue College (BC): Michael Oriz (Local 304)
  • Centralia College (CC):  Cheryl Kimbel (Local 862)
  • Community Colleges of Spokane (CCS):  Rick Halverson, Rick Pelfrey, Mark Hume (Local 1221)
  • Everett CC (ECC):  Laura Little (Local 1020); Max Phipps (Local 1020)
  • Green River CC (GRCC): Todd Henderson (Local 304); Jean Carlson (Local 304)
  • Lower Columbia College (LCC): Vicki Echerd (Local 1400); Tracy Stanley (Local 1400)
  • Peninsula College (PC):  Tom Cline (Local 1463)
  • Seattle CCs (Seattle Central, North Seattle, South Seattle):  Rodolfo Franco (Local 304); Kelly Grayson (Local 304); Orson Williamson (Local 304)
  • Shoreline CC:  Jerome Owens (Local 304)
  • South Puget Sound CC: Forest Huff (Local 443)
  • Tacoma CC (TCC):  Angie Simpson (Local 53)
  • Whatcom CC (WCC):
  • Part-Time/Hourly:  Vacant


  • Kurt Spiegel, WFSE HQ 800-562-6002.

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