Eastern Washington University (EWU) Collective Bargaining



This is where you can find information about collective bargaining for the 2015-2017 contract. Team may have up to nine bargaining team members for the institution-wide bargaining team, with on position reserved for a part-time/hourly employee.

Bargaining Team Members

  • Quincy Burns, Nita Holbert, Ken Reidt, Eric Rux, Robert Schmitter, Kathy Van Meer, Craig Walker, Lance Walker, Kathleen Warren (all Local 931).

Negotiations (all sessions at Tuwanka 215A, EWU in Cheney)

Lead Negotiator

  • Desiree Desselle, Spokane Field Office 800-442-8618
  • Ed Casey, WFSE HQ 800-562-6002

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