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This is where you can find information about collective bargaining for the 2015-2017 contract. Team members were elected by policy group, with number of representatives based on the number of bargaining unit employees represented by the respective policy group.

Bargaining Team Roster

  • Corrections:  Bill Copland (Local 1253, Kennewick)
  • Employment Security:  Phil Huber (Local 443, Olympia)
  • Human Services:  Ken Blair (DSHS/DCS, Local 53, Tacoma); Steve Fossum (DSHS/DCS, Local 443, Olympia); Cynthia English (DSHS/HCS, Local 53, Tacoma); Patricia Loving (DSHS/CSD, Local 313, Vancouver)
  • Institutions:  Craig Gibelyou (DSHS/WSH, Local 793, Lakewood); Rick Hertzog (DSHS/WSH, Local 793, Lakewood); Julianne Moore (DSHS/YVS, Local 1326, Selah); Monica Verrall (DSHS/DD/SOLA, Local 341, SOLA, King County)
  • Labor and Industries:  DeFrance Clarke (Local 443, Tumwater); Perry Willard (Local 976, Tukwila)
  • Miscellaneous:  Jeff Paulsen (CTS, Local 443, Olympia); David Stitt (LCB, Local 304, Seattle); Michael Weisman (DOH, Local 443, Olympia)
  • Natural Resources:  Steve Fraidenburg (DNR, Local 443, Olympia); Scott Mallery (ECY, Local 1221, Spokane)
  • Transportation:  Ken Fisher (Local 504, Spokane); Kathryn Rogers (Local 1060, Greenbank)
  • Council 28 Officers:  President Sue Henricksen; Vice President Thornton Alberg; Secretary Terri McCullough; Treasurer Don Hall


Lead Negotiators

  • Amy Achilles, Greg Devereux

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