Community College Coalition Bargaining Update 8/16/14

At Shoreline CC 8/12/14

At Shoreline CC 8/12/14

Community College Coalition. Community College members on our e-mail list got a special e-mail Friday on how to send college administrators the loud-and-clear message that its time for a meaningful compensation proposal and basic rights for part-time/hourly workers.

In the latest bargaining this week, the Federation bargaining team for 12 Community Colleges got management’s latest compensation package.

The team reports:

“It is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE for the work that we do and the fact that we have not seen a raise since 2008. Especially, when we know that on all of our campuses have received raises throughout the past years. This is why we have created a big communication push to get you information and involved.

“All of you should be getting some kind of communication from either one of your team members or a member from another campus. It is time for everyone to get involved to stand up for what you are worth.

“Also take the online petition action at: Tell friends and family to do the same.

“Now, more than ever management on all of our campus need to see that we are interested and very involved, and that we are not so easily pushed around as they seem to think we are.

“Not only has management not given us an acceptable compensation package, they are TOTALLY uninterested in changing anything about the Part-time Hourly workers. Oops, I forgot they aren’t even ready to call you part-time, but still temporary workers.

“We are asking one and all to take a stand for what is right by doing some job actions, even if it’s just wearing the green shirts everyday!!

“It is time to stand up and have your voices and actions be heard and seen, from one campus to the others you can make a difference.

“For more information, contact your bargaining team members (online contact form at , shop stewards or MAT leaders.


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