Community College members raise pressure


This morning at North Seattle CC.

This morning at North Seattle CC.

Earlier updates:


Just hours after negotiations ended without a settlement of the contract covering Federation members on 12 Community College campuses, a delegation of Federation and Washington Public Employees Association members trekked across Puget Sound to a special public comment session at the retreat of the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges.

About 25 members stood up before the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges at their meeting in Union, Wash. They said the latest offer from management fails to recognize the ground that needs to be made up from the 3 percent cut in the last contract, doesn’t address inflation since the last pay raise in 2008 and doesn’t deal with the significant portion of Community College members who make less than the Seattle standard of $15 an hour.

Phipps (right) with the WPEA's Jason Holland.

Phipps (right) with the WPEA’s Jason Holland.

“We are here today to ask you to do everything in your power to make a decent cost of living increase a priority for the governor and for the Legislature,” Max Phipps of Everett Community College and Local 1020 told the board.

“We feel ignored, marginalized and disrespected. You have the power to correct this injustice.”

It was the latest join solidarity effort by WFSE and WPEA.

91014z-copyIn the earlier Community College Coalition negotiations in Olympia, both sides agreed to another bargaining date on Sept. 19.

Here is the team update:

The report from your Bargaining Team, we ended the bargaining session last night at 12:05 am.
We have Tentative Agreements on five articles:
⎫    Article 24 Parking and Commute Trip Reduction
⎫    Article 29 Discipline
⎫    Article 40 Union Rights and Activities
⎫    Article 41 Dues Deduction/Status Reports
⎫    Article 42 Classification
We still have three article opened and one Appendix.  These being: Temporary Appointments, Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace, Compensation and Assignment Pay.  We are told that the two sides are so far apart on these issues, but we are sticking to the wishes of our membership and staying on course.
We have been granted another bargaining date, that being September 19th.  This means that we are preparing and expecting a quick turn around on getting the contract ratified.  For this contract the voting will be online, several of the campuses are planning on having sites available on their campuses to help out those members who do not have access to a computer.
The focus right now is on the Governor, calling him, e-mailing him and taking part in job actions.
We are calling out to everyone for their support as we conduct these member actions to convince the Governor that Community College Classified Staff are important.
Here is the contact information for reaching Jay- call 1-360-902-4111 (the direct line) or 1-800-562-6002 (the hotline which is open from 8-4:30 M-F and shutdown from noon to 1 pm).  Or e-mail by going to www.wfse/org/take-action-cola and add a comment for him.  All are easy to do and take only a minute or two to do.
There was a group of us that went to the State Board of Trustees Retreat in Union Washington to let the trustees know that we were a population on the campuses and gave them personal stories on what the members have been going through since 2008.  And tht it was time for them to put pressure on their presidents to do something.  Because once again the exempt and administrators have yet again received another raise and two extra days off, and what have we gotten?   Nothing!!!
Do your actions, call or e-mail the Governor and start applying the pressure to the people in power.  It is time to stand up for what is right and just.
So until September 19th’s report: stay anger, stay strong and take action.  We need you all in this battle.



  1. lauralittle says:

    It was a great experience to go in and let these trustees and the few presidents that were there what our stories are and how we view the colleges’ treatment of us, as classified staff. They took note of what we all said and hopefully they will start talking and acting on it. Glad to have woken up early, after getting out of bargaining after midnight the night before, and joined the rest of the group.

  2. judyt says:

    I am grateful to our strong inclusive bargaining team. I appreciate the good work you all do. The membership stands with you.

    In Solidarity,
    Judy Thomas

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