Corrections Policy Committee Minutes 11/2/13

Call to order 11:06 AM

Chair – Bill Copeland; Vice Chair – Billy Smith; Secretary – Ginger Richardson, Roll Call of Delegates and Alternates

Joan Gallager, Phedra Quincy – Staff Representatives

ROLL CALL: 16 Delegates, 2 alternates; The 2 alternates were moved to delegates so a total 18 delegates.

Discussion to seat local 308 delegates. Discussion included constitutions, processes, notices regarding elections for today and staff advised that local 308 could not be seated.

m/s/c – To end discussion to seat local 308 delegates
m/s/ – to hold off on elections till local 308 can have seated delegates – Staff advised that his motion was out of order.

m/s/Failed (Chair ruled the motion was in order) to postpone elections that were scheduled today till local 308 can have elected delegates seated.

Staff did advise that officers (Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary) will fill their current seats until the new officers are elected.

M/S/C – To approve minutes from 06/8/13 and 03/16/13


  • Nomination & Elections of 2 Executive Board Members
    • Nomination for Position 1 of election
      • Judy Kuschel
      • Bill Copland – Elected by secret ballot
      • Paulette Thompson
    • Nomination for Position 2 of elections
      • Alice Rogers – Elected by secret ballot
      • Tim Foley
      • Paulette Thompson
  • Nominations & Election of Policy Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary (Refer to Corrections Policy Committee Constitution)
    • Nominations for Chair
      • Bill Copland – m/s/c accepted by acclimation
    • Nomination for VICE Chair
      • Billy Smith – m/s/c accepted by acclimation
    • Nominations for Secretary (Debate ensued regarding election process and nominations)
      • Chris Lyndecker
      • Rick Debay – Elected by secret ballot

• ALL OFFICERS WERE SWORN IN BY Council President Sue Hendricks



  • Interest Arbitration – There is an agreement that is being implemented for this current contract and looking to expand in the next contract. One of the main topics that we are looking to include in the expansion is salary. We want to use this as tool as judicially as possible. This is a huge win for us. In 2015 -2017 we will be able to not only bargain safety issue but financial impacts. Right now we only have interest arbitration granted by the Governor so for us to get it expanded we must use it judiciously.
  • Organizing fee payers is important so that we can get another seat back on executive board. Organizing fee payers back to members really benefits us all the way around with e-board seats, voices through votes and votes for contracts.
  • Bargaining is starting and they have started sorting through the contract proposals. Bill Copland is our representative. He was very impressed with the number of proposals that came from DOC. He needs the shop stewards to keep feeding him information on what needs to go into the contract. Bill does not know all the issues and relies on the shop stewards to keep forwarding issues to him.
  • PORAC – we need to continue to develop a long term plan to keep membership into the programs.
  • Law Enforcement Labor Advocate – LA staff that is assigned to LE. The position was posted, and candidates interviewed. One delay is that staff’s contract should have allowed for staff to transfer and that transfer option did not happen. Right now there are discussions going on to resolve staff’s contract. It is important that we support the Staff’s contract because they are the staff that support us.

NEW BUSINESS (Including any resolutions from Locals)

  • At this point in time the Agency is working on a new risk assessment tool. (History is that we used to use LSI from Dr. Bonta then moved to Washington State Institute of Public Policy WSIPP – Static Risk Assessment – SRA) What the agency is developing the STRONG-R which stands for Static Risk Offender Needs Guide – Revised. Assessments dot Com did suggest that a workload study did need to be completed to see if staff could do the work. Update regarding Workload study is that any workload study must be through Office of Financial Management (OFM).
    • m/s/C to move the Resolution – DOC Representation Fee Payer
    • m/s/ FAILED for Resolution – DOC UMCC
    • m/s/C to move the Resolution – For Seating Delegations after discussion
    • m/s/C to move Resolution – Delay in Implementation of Swift and Certain Policies


  • Northwest UMCC – no meeting was held
  • Southwest – no meeting was held
  • East UMCC – next meeting is 11/22, first one in quite a while. Agenda workload vehicles.
  • UMCC Statewide –
    • Demand to bargain on 11/19 with SAC.
    • Meeting monthly, hammering away on workload and safety. It is understandable that the SAC is creating a
    • Sweeping changes in our work without providing the training. We keep pushing forward with the Memorandums of Understanding that were signed well over 2 years ago.
    • It is significant and successful getting labor to the table to represent us in the Agencies committees when they look at changing our work.


  • STAFF – Next policy staff will report to the Policy Committee regarding what happened to the Public Safety Caucus

PEOPLE – $5.00


  • Save the Date for the Public Safety Conference March 14-16, 2014 Vancouver Washington. Looking to have the officer involved in the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting to attend and give us a debrief.
  • It was requested that we look further into a policy for T4C and the implementation of groups. Bill stated we continue to work with management have a set procedure for implementing Cognitive Change Groups.
  • Judy shared that AFSCME is fighting to get a member on the Corrections Wall.

Adjourn – 3:40pm


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