Corrections Policy Committee Minutes 2/1/14


February 1, 2014

Call To Order: 11:45

Chair – Bill Copeland (present); Vice Chair – Billy Smith (excused); Secretary – Rick DeBay (present)

Roll Call of Delegates and Alternates: 17 Delegates, 3 Alternates: 2 Alternate(s) were moved to delegates for a total of 19 of 38 Delegates and 1 Alternates are present representing 11 of 21 locals.

Joan Gallager – Staff Representative (present)

Special Order of Business –

Chair Bill Copland appointed Colby Karlson to act as vice chair for today’s meeting in absence of Billy Smith.

Minutes –

M/S/C – to approve the minutes from 11/2/13


The members donated $30.00


Their meeting was held last Wednesday, 1/29/14.  There was discussion as to why management didn’t announce temporary positions.  Management agreed that they would post temporary positions and if more that 1 qualified applicant they would conduct some type of interview process.  Members were advised that there would be 4 non-matrix positions in both section 5 and section 6 and that no decision has been made as to where the positions would be placed.  Management also stated that if members were facilitating MRT classes, which management has approved to have, they could have reduced caseloads.  Ideas were discussed and forwarded to the statewide UMCC.  Administrative work assignments were discussed and defined by management.  There was discussion on radios in vehicles and this was also forwarded to the statewide UMCC.


There was issues and discussion with callout, overtime and callback pay.  Bill Copland explained the contract language as it currently is in the CBA and said there may be different language in the next CBA contract but that was still under negotiations.  This item will be added to the next regional UMCC on 3/5/14.  Questions were raised about the 5 day rule regarding Secretary’s Warrants.  After discussion the matter was referred to the statewide UMCC for discussion and clarification.  Also for discussion was how the regional and statewide UMCC’s disseminated information from their meetings.  Statewide meetings are posted on the WFSE website and regional UMCCs need to develop better dissemination procedures.  Radios in vehicles were again raised and would continue to be a statewide UMCC agenda topic.  The last item discussed was the placing of cameras at the CJC.

UMCC East –

Their last meeting was in November where there was discussion on replacing vehicles transportation of offenders taken into custody and being short staffed.  The Field Administrator signed off on some temporary positions and there was some reallocation of positions from a different section to provide some relief. There was more radio in vehicles discussion and it again was referred to the statewide UMCC to continue resolutions with management.  Lastly there had been discussion of work hours and creating an officer of the day which will be referred to the next regional UMCC meeting.

UMCC Statewide

Management suggested that monthly UMCC meetings be suspended during negotiations of the new CBA and the UMCC members would not agree to that request.  There was discussion on radios in vehicles and management presented an update on the MOU’s being gathered with all of the involved law enforcement agencies.  There was discussion on the problems with this issue and management stated that a lot of the issues were local issues and not statewide issues. The 6204 implementation committee had been disbanded as it was a temporary group and their work, for the most part had been completed.  Don Feist of that committee had been offered a temporary position at headquarters and accepted the position so that he could continue to work on 6204 issues.  There was discussion on if members who took project positions should be allowed to leave their membership positions and move to management. There were different opinions offered but no adoption of a position. Management is considering creating a position under each of the 6 Field Administrators.  This position would rank above the supervisor level but be under the Field Administrator level.  The minutes from the Statewide UMCC are posted on the WFSE website however the latest minutes have not been posted yet.

Chairman Copland reminded members that and member is welcome to attend policy and they do not have to be elected as a delegate or alternate to attend.

Old Business –

There was a question as to if a new labor advocate had been appointed for the law enforcement position.  No new information was received by the members.

The Public Safety Caucus met last night and worked out with the conservative caucus a time frame so that the two meetings do not occur at the same time and place.  Tentatively the Public Safety Caucus will meet from 16:30 until 18:00 and the Conservative Caucus will meet from 18:30 to 20:30 the night before policy.

Strong-R progress was not reported as Vice-Chair Billy Smith was not present and he is our representative on that group.

There had been a motion to delay some implementation of the Swift and Certain policies.  Some of the policies had been delayed however some of them had stated implementation.

New Business –

There were 2 Resolutions presented.

The first resolution, number 2059, titled “Resolution to Establish Washington State Dept of Corrections Limited Authority Peace Officers as Certified Sworn Officers” was read and motioned.  There was discussion and then a vote to adopt was conducted and passed.  This resolution will be forwarded.

The second resolution, numbered 2060, titled “PSERS Retirement” was read and motioned.  There was a discussion and then a motion to amend the resolution to add the verbiage “as an option” to the third line, 5th paragraph, after fully to the PSERS retirement system (as an option) and enjoy the same benefits as younger members. The motion to adopt the amendment was motioned and passed then the amended resolution was motioned and passed.  This resolution will be forwarded.

Good and Welfare –

There was no items brought up for the good and welfare.

Adjournment – M/S/C at 14:10.


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