Corrections Policy Committee Minutes 5/17/14


May 17, 2014

Call to order: 12:07

Chair – Bill Copeland (present); Vice Chair – Billy Smith (present); Secretary – Rick DeBay (present)

Joan Gallager – Staff Representative (present)

Roll Call:   18 Delegates, 0 Alternates:  No alternate(s) were moved to delegates for a total of 18 Delegates and 0 Alternates are present representing 9 of 21 locals.


Joan Gallager explained some of the issues and inequities of political donations and the Union’s need for PEOPLE funds. The members donated $30.20

Emotional Body Armor Handout –

Bill passed out some fliers for Emotional Body Armor for first responders.  This class is a free of charge one day workshop identifying issues that manifest from working on the front lines. It will provide the tools to help individuals being held back both personally and professionally by the bonds of addictive behaviors, codependency, family systems or trauma in any form. Participants will examine those barriers and experiences that influence the capacity for a happy, healthier life and career. The class is at the Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue on 6/26/14 from 8am to 5pm.  Registration is at

All About WFSE –

Staff is looking for suggestions and volunteers to take a look at and improve the current All About WFSE handbook given out at orientation. If you would like to participate call WFSE headquarters in Olympia and ask to speak to or leave contact information with Tim Welch or Laura Reisdorph.

Fee-payers –

There was much discussion of fee-payers.  During roll call Bill gave a list of fee-payers to each local present of members in their local who were fee-payers.  Bill asked each steward to contact the fee-payers and explain to them the benefits of being full members and hand them a sign up card to get the change.  It was noted that the Corrections Policy  were less than a hundred members short of having another seat on the executive board where we can have an influence on the direction and decisions of Council 28.

Minutes –

Bill asked if there were any objections to approve the 2/1/14 minutes and hearing none approved the minutes as written.

Executive Board Report –

Bill announced that in addition to the medal of Valor award there was going to be a Life Saving award and Meritorious Service award.  It was reported that general bargaining starts Tuesday (May 20) and all members need to be united in our bargaining.  It was asked if everyone would were their green AFCME shirts on Tuesday to show solidarity.  Bill explained there specific items and strategies could not be discussed during the bargaining session however he did say that there were many identified areas of the contract that needed work along with financial issues.  He reminded us that members have not had a COLA in 7 years.  With the legislative session over there has been a lot of work done on the endorsements of legislators, work being done on adjustment of personnel at WFSE to deal with current issues at the Union.

UMCC Statewide

Bill wanted to educate the members as to what the statewide UMCC members brought to the table each month to seek resolution.  Bill read the open items and gave a brief update to their status:

  • Records workload study
  • Hearing Officer update on job specifications
  • Sex offender risk assessment
  • Additional duties for CCO’s with nothing coming off of their plate
  • Firearms practice session issues
  • Arrest, search and seizure training
  • Safety MOU’s – listed below
  • ORP notifications
  • Offender change programs
  • Re-engineering project – 6204
  • Staff safety while in travel status
  • Union signs
  • Forms being password protected (allowing staff to make necessary changes)
  • Professional credentials
  • Control impedance tactics training
  • Restraining pregnant offenders
  • Pat search for officer safety
  • Bomb threats – Statewide notification system
  • CCO job description
  • Recording for QA
  • Hearing locations

Bill then went over the open Safety Memorandum of Understandings:

  • Arrest, Search and Evidence training
  • Critical incident review process
  • Office emergency notifications
  • Contingency planning
  • Mentorship program
  • Incident command system
  • Identification
  • Intermediate force options
  • Protective strategies
  • Staff field locations
  • Detecting potential dangers
  • Use of force training/team tactics
  • Vehicle replacement

LEAN Management –

Wendy Courthouse and Rich Reisler (sp?) from the Governor’s office came to speak to the policy members in attendance.  They explained that their goal was to start conversations, determine how to partner and hearing from the ground up as to what works/doesn’t work.  Ms. Courthouse talked about getting a shift in management and gave an example of instead of knowing all of the answers to asking questions of how to solve the issue.  Ms. Courthouse then asked members for some examples of what was not working and received many examples from members which were recorded by Rich.  Ms. Courthouse left the contact information for the project which was www.results.wa/gov and their physical location of the basement of the GA building in room G4.  Bill invited Ms. Courthouse to our UMCC meeting on Monday 5/19/14 at DOC headquarters.

UMCC East –

Monroe reported that the main issue discussed was their vehicles. The vehicles are out of policy and are a safety issue.  The members may have to resort to filing grievances on this issue.  Also discussed was the issue of transports and having transport incorporated into the API training.  Members asked management for protocol on transports and none was given by management.


It was reported that vehicles is also an issue in this area. A particular issue was not having Laguna type (solid plastic) seats in the rear of the vehicles to detect offenders dropping contraband or weapons into the seats.  Also if an offender was to regurgitate it would become a biohazard and a safety issue. In their area L&I came and red lined 2 vehicles due to safety issues.  There was also some discussion over some safety issues in different offices.


Ginger reported that at the previous meeting management agreed to have MRT used as a CBT class.  At the current meeting nothing had been done as FA Harper thought Iris was going to solicit instructors to facilitate classes and not him asking for members. It was then decided that Iris will have to take the lead if we want to have the class. The topic of the Admin CCO’s changing negotiated sanctions without consulting or advising CCO of the changes was brought up however there was no resolution and will have ongoing discussion.  Staff want to look at the matrix as to why section 5 is down so many positions. Management is to look at options for the Seattle CJC to assist with u/a’s.  It has not been determined if it will be a CO position or a CCO position. Lastly staff were asking for training to assist CCO’s with the requirements of properly supervising sex offenders.

Old Business –

There was some discussion on the progress of hiring a new Law Enforcement Labor Advocate. The position has not been filled as of this meeting.  A question of coverage for PORAC was brought up. If a member leaves state service and is later sued will PORAC still cover the member?  The answer was yes.  If the suit derives from an incident when the member was covered by PORAC the member will receive the coverage as agreed in the contract.

New Business –

It was pointed out that the process for selecting Statewide UMCC members was old.  Currently they are appointed and there have been questions from members as to why they don’t get to elect their members.  Some current Statewide UMCC members expressed that they would feel better about being at the table representing the membership if they were elected rather than being appointed.  It was asked of the policy members to consider this and to bring to the next meeting a proposal or motion if they wanted to have elections for the Statewide UMCC members. Considerations for the proposal or motion may include but not limited to the geographical area of representatives, job class of representatives and length of the term of service if elected.

Good and Welfare – Bill asked members to go back to their areas and talk to members about bargaining and try to get members to wear their AFSME shirts on Tuesday 5/20/14 in time with the first push of general bargaining.

Adjournment – M/S/C at 15:34


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