Corrections Policy Committee

Includes Community Corrections and Work Release.

WFSE/AFSCME’s ten Policy Committees ensure that you have a voice for the work-related issues unique to the kind of work you do. They meet to discuss, debate and set policy on issues unique to the employees within the jurisdiction of their Council Policy Committee.

Council Policy Committees are made up of delegates selected by Local Unions. If you’re interested in learning how to become a delegate to a council policy committee, contact your local leadership.

Council Policy Committees usually meet three times a year. Every two years, following the biennial convention, they elect representatives to  the Council Executive Board.

Every Council Policy Committee is allotted one board seat for every 500 members (or portion thereof), and each is guaranteed at least two seats.


  • Chair Bill Copland (Local 1253); V-Chair Billy Smith (Local 53); Secretary Richard DeBay (Local 1060)



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