CWU 2013-2015 Tentative Agreement and Summary

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This is a summary that highlights and explains the most significant provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Washington Federation of State Employees bargaining unit and Central Washington University (CWU).  It does not cover every article or every provision.


In addition to maintaining the vast majority of the great improvements made on working conditions in the ’12-’13 Agreement, your team worked hard to achieve the following improvements in the ’13-’15 CBA:

Article 5 Temporary Appointments

  • Adds a new section providing the Union with work time to meet with newly represented employees to provide information about the CBA and the Union.

Article 7 Hours of Work

  • Adds strengthened language prohibiting the Employer from denying or rescinding alternate schedules for arbitrary, capricious or illegal (includes discriminatory) reasons.
  • Adds language requiring the Employer, upon request, to meet with any employee/s whose schedule has been changed to discuss the change and reasons for it, which includes discussion of possible alternatives.
  • Adds new language establishing a process for flexible schedules, to be agreed upon between the employee and the supervisor.

Article 18 Miscellaneous Paid Leaves

  • Retains a Personal Leave day (Union Day) in the first year of the CBA.

Article 21 Uniforms, Tools and Equipment

  • Adds new language providing an annual reimbursement for law enforcement employees’ footwear of $150.00 per year.

Article 25 Licensure and Certification

  • Adds new language now requiring the Employer to pay for all initial and maintenance costs of any licensure and certification required for employment. The only exception to this would be a CDL already required by law.
  • Adds new language providing the Employer the option to also pay for a license or certification not required by the Employer, but deemed to fill a business purpose.

Article 43 Compensation

  •  reserves periodic increment steps, $1.00 per hour shift premium, assignment pay, standby pay, callback pay, relocation compensation, etc.
  • In a “me-too” to General Government, Step M is implemented effective July 1, 2013 (for employees who have been at Step L for six (6) years). No more delays.
  • In the second year of the CBA, employees will receive, without conditions, a 1% across the board increase.
  • Based on the University meeting several, highly achievable, goals as outlined in the Appendices, employees will receive a lump sum payment of up to 3% of their gross wages in each year of the CBA. This will be payable on the November 25th paycheck in 2013 and 2014. It should be noted that, based on the last several years performance data, the majority of these goals are already being achieved. This new program is entitled “Student Success Initiative”.

The potential total income resulting from of all of the elements of the new Article 43 and relevant Appendix is between 2.5 % (M Step) and 5.5% the first year of the CBA and between 1% and 4% the second year. Please review Article 43  for more information.

Article 44 Healthcare Benefits Amounts (negotiated in coalition and applies to all state employees)

  • Incorporates the agreement by reference of the Healthcare Coalition.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

  • An MOU was reached agreeing to, throughout the term of the ’13-’15 CBA, discuss the Employer’s existing performance systems and ways to improve assessment and recognition of employee performance.


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