CWU bargaining update

Central Washington University

The CWU Bargaining Team had negotiations June 10 and 11.  We covered ground rules and presented our proposals with the exception of compensation on Day One and worked on counters with management both days coming away with 20 tentative agreements on articles.  One significant change comes in Holidays where a day will equal a day.  Employees typically had to turn in leave for any hours in excess of eight on a holiday.  CWU will grant holiday pay for hours an employee would have been scheduled to work on the holiday.

The team met again with management this month on June 18-20. During the three days session we gathered more TA’s on articles where clarification or tweaks were needed.  At this point we are working on articles where there are major sticking points.

We have proposed two memorandums of understanding/agreement (MOU/MOA)- one concerning the new non-paid holidays of faith/conscience (two days), which has been enacted from the last legislative session.  The second MOU has not been addressed or countered by management at this point.

The next bargaining session will be July 21 when compensation will be introduced at the table.

Skip Jensen has volunteered to participate in the Health Care Coalition Bargaining as the CWU representative at the table.

A WFSE team members for this contract cycle are: Chris Stebbins, Jeff St. John, John Fukuzawa, Laury Berner, Pat Devlin, Skip Jensen and W. Chris Everett


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