DEL meeting summary 11/6/13

There were about 22 DEL staff members met with our Union Reps Phyllis Alexander and Herman Gilman on 11/6/13.

During this lunch meeting, Herman and Phyllis gave us an overview of ways to get involved with the Union. Being the shop steward is one of the ways to help and connect with DEL members.

We discussed the “action plan” some licensors were asked to sign and complete.

We were informed of WEINGARTEN RIGHTS: If you are called into a meeting with a management representative and you have reason to believe that disciplinary action against you may result, you have the right to have a steward present during this meeting.

To learn more about Weingarten Rights, read the article below.

Rita is leading a group to work on the out of date/questionable “policies and procedures” so we can get more specific issues on the agenda for the UMCC (union management communication committees). The date for the UMCC is to be determined and everyone is encouraged to attend. This meeting is usually held in Olympia. We hope that Bob M. and Bette will be able to attend the next UMCC.

From our contract, Article 37 Union-Management Communication Committees:

The Employer and the Union endorse the goal of a constructive and cooperative relationship.To promote and foster such a relationship the parties agree to establish a structure of joint union-management communication committees, for the sharing of information and concerns and discussing possible resolution(s) in a collaborative manner.

Please feel free to add your comments and/or concerns (workload, policies and procedures, ELF, etc.) for topics for the next UMCC agenda. Thanks!

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