“Don’t be a turkey” on comp time, Eastern State members say

esh.112114aIt’s Thanksgiving time and Eastern State Hospital members have served up a heaping helping of loud-and-clear messages on management’s table:

“Don’t be a turkey – reinstate comp. time!”

The Local 782 members took this job action to show why management should reinstate compensatory time at the acclaimed mental health facility in Medical Lake where the direct-care and line-level members make all the difference.

That common sense plea for fairness made it to management on 127 messages collected in just five days.

In the spirit of the season, members wrote out their messages on feathers on a huge turkey poster presented to hospital Chief Executive Officer Dorothy Sawyer Friday (Nov. 21).

“Having comp time makes it easier to stay home with my husband who suffers from a mental illness when my sick leave balance is low,” one Local 782 member wrote.

The local reports that Sawyer promised to read all the messages and share them with her team before the “demand-to-bargain” meeting set for Monday Nov. 24) reconvenes.

The local made a huge impression on management on the value of comp time. Stay tuned.


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