Ecology agreements take effect July 1


The Ecology Supplemental Bargaining Team has come to agreement with the state on four agency-specific agreements. Both the union and Labor Relations Section agreed they can be disclosed because they take effect this July 1 or sooner.

The agreements cover: Transportation Workers’ Identification Cards (TWIC); Tobacco Free Workplace; allowing union shop stewards to access Indoor Air Studies via Ecology’s Intranet; meeting space; and a paid internship program.

The Ecology Supplemental Bargaining Team reached tentative agreement on these four agreements on May 14.

More details:

TWIC – Ecology agreed to reimburse employees for renewals and the initial costs to obtain the TWIC, as well as reasonable work time to travel to the offices where TWIC’s are processed. Takes effect 7/1/14.

Meeting Space – Ecology has agreed to allow the union use of the Headquarters Auditorium once a year, and use of the largest training room twice a year. Takes effect 7/1/14, but expires 6/30/17.

Air Quality – Ecology agreed to a “side letter” providing the union access to prior studies done on air quality in the Lacey HQ Building and to provide us an interactive union-management communication committee session to ask questions and raise concerns. Management also agreed to start notifying employees when they intend to vacuum the “rock garden.” This agreement took effect immediately.

Tobacco-Free Workplace – The union agreed to an MOU that allows Ecology to implement a tobacco-free workplace. The MOU ensures that designated areas will be provided at every facility for the use of tobacco and vapor/e-cigarettes (the article in the General Government on this issue, Article 44, doesn’t designate an area). Takes effect 7/1/14.

See the full text of the Ecology supplemental agreements: ecy supp mous


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