Still no settlement at Evergreen; BU meeting, more mediation on Thursday

At the rally.

Some of the 300 strikers and supporters who virtually shut down The Evergreen State College May 28.

UPDATE 6/4/13:  The Student Support Services Staff Union Bargaining Team reports after Tuesday’s mediation session: “Still no settlement. Mediation continues Thursday. A bargaining unit meeting will be 12-1 p.m., Thursday, in CAB 301 to provide an update to members and discuss the full range of options moving forward.”

This as the Student Support Services Staff Union members at The Evergreen State College seek a fair first contract.


UPDATE 5/31/13: Another round of mediation took place Friday. Mediation resumes Tuesday.

UPDATE 5/30/13: The Evergreen State College has canceled “Return to Evergreen” on Saturday. No actions are scheduled.

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