Evergreen strike vote set for Wednesday

tesc-bot-51113-post2A vote on job actions up to and including strike action will take place among members of The Evergreen State College Student Support Services Staff Union Bargaining Unit on Wednesday, May 15. Balloting will be 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. in TESC’s Red Square near the Library.

This comes after the Federation Executive Board on Friday voted overwhelmingly to authorize the vote. That sanction came via an e-mail polling of the board.

This TESC team has bargained for more than a year. Yet they still have no agreement on key issues, including just cause (basic due process rights over disciplinary actions) and fair compensation. More than 76 percent of the bargaining unit signed a petition in support of these actions.

The unit has about 55 members including counselors, advisors, resident directors and coaches.

Other unions on campus voiced similar support at TESC’s Board of Trustees meeting on May 8.

And other Federation locals are also pitching in.

The Executive Board of Local 1488 at the University of Washington Friday night pledged $20,000 to help front costs of members at the UW, as well as other Federation locals around the state, to help fund travel costs for any classified staff who want to take leave to walk picket lines at Evergreen, in the event of a possible strike. Local 1488 is also using some of this money to help pay for food costs for striking Federation members, if a possible strike occurs at Evergreen.



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