EWU bargaining kicks off

Eastern Washington University Bargaining Team update 6/6/16

The Eastern Washington University Bargaining Team on June 6 began three days of bargaining over five days this week.

The team is bargaining the 2017-2019 successor agreement – the goal is a stronger contract with fair pay and solid working conditions articles.

The team reports:

We shared our proposals with management.  Unfortunately, we have no progress to report.

EWU has engaged Summit Law Group to do their bargaining and the negotiator was not familiar with EWU history or the current agreement.

Management wanted to review the entire agreement with their negotiator and were not prepared to reach tentative agreements on articles that we mutually could have decided not to open. Management had no counterproposals to our presentation; they were to be ready Wednesday.

We hope to see some progress later this week when we meet again on Wednesday and Thursday.

With this slow start from management, expect to see more bargaining dates added to the calendar.

• For more information on EWU bargaining and to get a message to your team, go to: http://wfse.org/neverquit/ewu/