EWU Bargaining Update

Eastern Washington University. The team reports after the July 30 session:

The main goal of yesterday’s negotiation was to get the final concepts on the table from both teams.  This was accomplished.  The remaining concepts submitted by the union were:

Me too clause regarding wages and benefits relating to increases received by faculty and administration

Supplemental bargaining for Police Officers

Election of remedies

Parental leave – bonding


Faith and Conscience leave

Implementation of DOP Salary survey

Salary increase funded by University

Cost of Living Adjustment

Increase penalty pay such as call-back, stand-by, etc.

Increase employees to living wage as close to $15 per hour as possible

Strikes and lockouts

Licenses and certifications

Management submitted the following concepts:

Update the Article 12 Drug and Alcohol policy to include the possession and use of marijuana

Revamping of the floating work schedule in Article 20 Hours of Work

A proposal to reduce emergency childcare leave from 9 days to 3

Article 41 Union Activities concern was on record-keeping and accurate reporting of steward activities. The proposed change would allow stewards to be disciplined for under reporting time.

The team and management had a lively discussion today on two unresolved issues:  use of steward time and management’s proposal to discipline for under reporting and strikes and lockouts.  It was good to hear the differing perspectives.

We also spent time reviewing the remaining articles for housekeeping changes and to determine if there is a need to open them.  It was decided to TA those remaining articles; we now know our full scope of bargaining that we will take on.  I am sending the list of the 26 articles.

Later we were able to agree additional housekeeping items in Articles 9 and 14.

ewu1A budget presentation will be arranged for August and the teams will look for additional dates following this session.  EWU did inform us that there will not be a tuition increase in the near future and its state funding is being reduced.  The union will prioritize its compensation proposals.

Our agenda for August 5th will be to submit and review concepts in contract language form; to confirm additional dates; confirm the budget presentation; begin discussing compensation items and our monetary options.  The Union agreed to submit Police concerns under the appropriate article until we determine if a supplemental process is agreed to.

Each team has homework to present.  The union will compose a pre-disciplinary process and/or an alternative to investigations and review performance evaluation process to ensure fair and accurate results.  Management will look for changes in Worker’s Compensation regulations that benefit employees in excess of what is in our contract; reply to the Union’s request on 5 days rather than 3 days of bereavement leave; and consider identified impacts to employees when implementing Faith and Conscience leave.

The next bargaining sessions are Aug. 7, 13 and 27 and Sept. 2 and 3.


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