EWU Bargaining Update

Eastern Washington University. The EWU Bargaining Team reports:

“We met Aug. 5 and submitted many concepts as contract language. We received the same from management. We agreed to a budget review on August 27.

“We had good discussions on investigations and the union proposed a new process to deal with performance differently than misconduct. Our proposal has been vetted with members in both bargaining units. We believe we found options that addresses all parties’ concerns. Management asked many questions and we hope to hear their response tomorrow.

“While we took on some hot topics we did not make any agreements. We believe we will be able to sign off on Faith and Conscience leave soon.

“We also had issues specific to our police officers.

“Safety language was proposed to deal with officers working alone and for 12 hours or more. We hope to develop a strategy to create a minimum-staffing plan of two officers per shift.

“The agenda for Aug. 7 was set to evaluate the proposals for compromise and agreement. Counter proposals are being developed. Language will be submitted concerning fairness and equal treatment and sick leave verification. We will also review the performance evaluation process to discover why so many members are frustrated by it. We hope to make improvements that will result in fair and consistent evaluations.

“The team is reviewing and prioritizing our compensation package for the presentation to management.”


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