EWU Bargaining Update (5/21/14)

Summary for EWU Negotiations May 21, 2014

Union Team:  Kathleen Warren, Nita Holbert, Katherine Van Meer (absent), Craig Walker, Eric Rux, Robert Schmitter, Lance Walker (absent), Quincy Burns, Ken Reidt (absent)

The University spokesperson opened the meeting by accepting our agenda for the day and adding one (1) item of their own:
1. Ground Rules;
2. Interest-Based Bargaining;
3. The Special Pay Proposal for Police classifications;
4. Mission Statement (University).

The parties agreed to the Mission Statement below:
Mission Statement for WFSE/EWU 2015-2017 Negotiations
Our goal is to bargain a clear and mutually beneficial contract that values consistency and fairness, that minimizes new administrative processes, and that allows the University flexibility  in its operations, and recognizes our employees’ contributions while promoting the University’s Mission and student success.
Ground Rules
Each team had Ground Rules proposals.  It became apparent that there were many similarities and this led to agreement.  Highlights are:  The parties will be prepared to meet and have the authority to bargain. A work plan will be established for each meeting.  Members’ schedules will be adjusted to the time set for negotiations.  The parties can communicate to their constituents.  The cut-off date for introducing new topics will be July 23rd.

Interest-Based Bargaining (IBB)
It is agreed that the parties will bargain using the Interest-Based Bargaining process also known as “Win-Win” bargaining.  Our first step was to avoid sitting with one team on one side and the other team on the opposite side.  Management and the Union were intermingled; this fostered more communication.  We discussed bringing concepts and issues to the table rather than firm proposals.  We agreed to be open-minded and attempt problem solving.  We agreed to brainstorm and develop multiple solutions to a problem.  The parties will to come to consensus when possible.
Desiree will contact Public Employee Relations Board to inquire about training for the teams.
The parties agreed to attend the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services (FMCS) training on IBB.

Special Pay Provision Article 19

A Memorandum of Understanding had been proposed to management in an attempt to curtail the recruitment and retention concerns of the members working at the EWU Police Department.  Statistics and salary comparisons were presented to show that the circumstance fit the provisions of Article 19.  The Union asked that the university sign and implement the agreement.
Management requested more time.  The Union offered May 30, June 3 or 5.

Additional items
It is agreed that a Budget presentation will be made to the teams.  Management announced that EWU will not be increasing its tuition this fall.
The meetings will be held in Cheney at Tuwanka 215A on June 11, July 23, 24, 30 and August 7 and 8.  Meetings will begin at 9:30a.  The parties are to offer additional August dates.
EWU will purchase and provide a printer/copier for both the University and Union’s use which will be placed in the room where we will meet.


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