EWU Bargaining Update 8/16/14

Eastern Washington University. The EWU Bargaining Team reports after its Aug. 13 negotiating session:

Article 32 -Additional reasons for leave: TA 8/13/14

Management proposed for Child Care Emergencies change 9 possible days to 3 days. (Not accepted)

We proposed verbiage for Faith and Conscience Leave and Parental Leave for bonding with new Child and that it would not be gender based. (Management stated that they agreed with our concept and felt that they already were in conformance. Added as defined in RCW 49.78.)

Article 41 – Union Activities: TA 8/13/14

Management proposed that failure to accurately request and record Union release time may be cause for discipline. (Not accepted)

Our counter proposal was that HR will conduct an annual ½ hour meeting with Supervisors and all Union Stewards that will cover how to record Union activities on the timesheet.

Management agreed to develop a handout with the Council Rep and a Steward identifying the activities and how to record Union release time on the timesheet.

Article 37 Discipline:

Prior to this date we proposed that Supervisors will not be the investigators as it destroys the relationships of trust and erodes the team. (Management has rejected this concept)

Prior to this date Bargaining Unit 2 Supervisors requested to add a Performance Improvement Plan PIP as a step prior to investigation. (We are still asking for the PIP to be in the contract.)

We proposed that corrective action is not discipline or formal and should not be kept in the Personnel file. (Management has accepted the concept and their counter proposal has some language that reflects this, but we still need to agree on the details and language. We have sent out our counter proposal.)

We requested to change the current 30 day notification of an investigation as this delay causes problems. (Management will consider)

We proposed to add language for a 15 day notice of termination. The concept is to allow employees to have insurance coverage and pay for 15 days following notice of termination. (Management did not like the notice of termination language, but we will work to see if there is room to have the concept and language for this benefit for our members.)

Recap of where we are in the process:

MOU 19.12: Police special pay (Management funded, this current contract and an MOU vs negotiated.)
MOU 30 – Sick Leave: Fitness for duty
TA – Article 11: 11.5.1 removed requirement to turn over Workers Comp payments while on sick leave.
TA – Article 14 Confidentiality: Housekeeping
TA – Article 32 Additional Reasons for leave: See above.
TA – Article 41 Union Activities: See Above
Open Articles:
Article 12 Drug & Alcohol free workplace:
Article 13 Staffing:
Article 19 Compensation:
Article 20 Hours, Work, & Overtime:
Article 24 License & Certification:
Article 26 Commute Trip Reduction & Parking:
Article 28 Holidays:
Article 29 Vacation:
Article 30 Sick Leave:
Article 34 Open Positions:
Article 36 Performance Evaluations:
Article 37 Discipline:
Article 46 Term of Agreement:

Our next Bargaining date is Wednesday 8/27/14. Out team will be meeting from 9:00am to 4:30pm. Management will be giving the University financial forecast. We may be giving our financial presentation and initial financial package to Management. More EWU bargaining information online: http://www.wfse.org/collective-bargaining/ewu-bargaining-team/


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