EWU Bargaining update

ewu1Eastern Washington University

The EWU Bargaining Team met with management June 11 in Cheney. They reached three key agreements:

• They will get joint training from Federal Mediation and Conciliation for management and Local 931 teams for future negotiations.

• As we told you in our last message, they agreed to a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to improve recruitment, retention and safety for EWU Police. Under Article 19 of the current EWU contract, Police will get an additional 10 ranges, maintaining their current step. By getting the MOU signed and taking effect this July 1, it ensures that the money used for this special pay is from EWU funds and will not encumber wage-package funding for EWU members in the 2015-2017 contract now being negotiated.

• And they agreed to a Fitness for Duty provision memorandum of understanding (MOU) taking effect this July 1. Many of the items that management proposed in this provision could have been done arbitrarily to our EWU members outside our contract. But the Federation EWU team wanted to have language and understanding of confidentiality and process to protect our members.

The EWU team next meets July 23. Both sides will bring the remainder of issues to be negotiated and deal with housekeeping items. (Thanks to EWU Bargaining Team Communications Officer Craig Walker for this update.)


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