EWU reaches tentative contract agreement!

Shop Stewards show support for EWU team.

Shop Stewards show support for EWU team.

EWU reaches tentative contract agreement with COLAs totaling 4%, $150 bonus, more

The Eastern Washington University Bargaining Team at 6:31 p.m. Monday night (Sept. 8) reached tentative agreement on their 2015-2017 contract with cost-of-living adjustments totaling 4 percent over the two years with a signing bonus, and more.

Under the agreement reached in Cheney, those under the Federation EWU contact will receive:

• Cost-of-living adjustments of 3 percent on July 1, 2015, and another 1 percent on July 1, 2016.

• A one-time signing bonus of $150 per employee covered by the contract, to be paid in the July 25, 2015 paycheck.

• A “me-too” clause with General Government if the General Government team negotiates anything above the EWU compensation package.

• Reopener language: “In the event the University receives additional tuition authority and/or state funding that results in an overall significant improvement in the financial status of the University, the Union may request to re-open the Agreement to bargain over economic terms of this Agreement.  Any agreement resulting from such bargaining will remain subject to a finding by the Director of OFM that the agreement is economically feasible and approval by the Legislature as provided in RCW 41.80. Nothing in this paragraph obligates either party to agree to any proposal.”

• Employees making less than $15 an hour would move to the step in their range closest to $15 an hour.

• New hires who are two steps below $15 an hour will move up two steps upon completion of their probationary period.

• The tentative agreement includes a personal day of leave.

• Call back would increase from two to three hours.

• A 25 percent recruitment-and-retention increase for EWU police that took effect this past July 1.

EWU members will get many more details online and in the mail with ratification voting information.

Congratulations to the EWU Bargaining Team and Local 931 for all their hard work!


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