Excerpt from Area Report 1/15/14 (Desiree D) - DEL

Department of Early Learning (DEL)

Is preparing for its February 11th Statewide Union/Management meeting.  We have our team and agenda items.  The team will meet by phone to prepare, The agenda items are:

  1. Policies and Procedures: p/p review process, file consistency p/p, LCIR p/p, recall statement p/p
  2. Unwritten policies licensors are required to follow but there is no WAC to support
  3. Lack of support and respect to licensors in meeting the GMAP. Facts: caseloads, staff changes, ESL providers, etc.
  4. Providers complaints against licensors or licensors’ decision. Supervisory Review policy and procedure is not followed.
  5. Impacts, practices and decisions regarding medical and recreational marijuana.
  6. ELF (Wireless Web Form):  making our daily working tool is not user friendly and efficient. Review ELF committee recommendations for implementation.
  7. Process for bargaining unit members to submit ideas and suggestions; is there any accountability or report back required?
  8. Reorganization and impacts to membership.


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