Excerpt from Area Report 1/15/14 (Susanna F) - DDA Field Services

DSHS Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) Field Services

A DTB was filed 8/20/13 in response to notice the DDA plans to re-organize their support staff in Region 3.  Per the notice this change will result in functions being moved out of distinct work units and into a new clerical unit.  It will also result in changes in classification for some positions.  Informal discussions were held on 11/7/13 and a final summary was distributed to members and the CR via email on 12/2/13.  The team for DTB was Jessica Hernandez, Susie Ruiz, and Melinda Murphy Jones.

Statewide UMCCs

  • A DDA Ad-Hoc UMCC was formed out of the DSHS agency-wide UMCC to discuss workload in DDA, specifically around SIS, IFS, ETRs and recent legislative mandates.  The team for this Ad-Hoc is Michele Stelovich, Melinda Murphy-Jones, Christy Coyle, Daniel Covrett, Kris Jorgensen-Dobson and Chris Stover.  Meetings were held on 11/4/13 and 12/6/13 and we have requested additional meetings in 2014.  Notes from these meetings are in the process of being finalized and will be distributed.


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