Excerpt from Area Report 2/15/14 (Desiree D) - DEL

Early Learning (DEL)

The Statewide Union-Management meeting was held on February 11th.  Policies and Procedures were a large part of the discussion.  The group reviewed the process for policy development and made suggestions for change.  One important change is the union will receive notice of the change so we may determine if there are impacts to be negotiated.  The LCIR policy was particularly highlighted as one that is not followed due to directives from upper management.  The parties agreed that a decision would be made and communicated to the union on if the CPS complains for child injuries that are not substantial as defined in WAC will continue.  The union is concerned about the workload impact.  In 2012 there were 8 complaints filed; last year rose to over 500 complaints.

Lack of support and respect to licensors is troubling; we discussed the communication gap that exists.  It was decided that employee input should be submitted in writing to supervisors.  Members are asking that they be involved in a conversation prior to management overturning their decisions on cases.  Providers’ complaints against licensors or licensors’ decision should follow the Supervisory Review policy and procedure.

A separate meeting will be scheduled to discuss the impacts, practices and decisions regarding medical and recreational marijuana.
ELF (Wireless Web Form) is the daily working tool and is not user friendly and efficient. The Union will request and review the ELF committee recommendations for implementation.

A demand to bargain meeting is set for February 19 to discuss the reorganization, Wi-Fi access, office moves and impacts to membership. A phone conference is being hosted on February 18 at 5:00pm to hear member ideas and concerns and prepare for the meeting.



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