Excerpt From Area Report 5/27/14 (Amy A) HCA

Health Care Authority (HCA), Office of the Insurance Commissioner (OIC)  & DSHS CSD/DCS Health Benefit Exchange –

On 11/19/12 we filed a DTB in response to notice of the state’s proposal around implementation of the Affordable Care Act in Washington. We’ve been calling this the “Health Benefit Exchange” DTB but to be clear there are other areas of the ACA implementation that may have potential impacts. A couple of e-mail updates have been sent out with general information about the HBE and the ACA to staff. In addition, Anita shared information that was gathered from a “State of Reform” seminar. This is an incredibly large and complicated issue so please take some time to familiarize yourself with the information available. We have been able to identify possible impacts related to Medicaid processing in HCA, CSD and DCS as well as possible impacts in the OIC. Our first DTB meeting was scheduled for 1/29 and we gathered information at that meeting that helped to clarify their proposal. At this point, the employer intends to remove the processing of family (including those linked to cash assistance), child and pregnancy medical programs from DSHS. Customers would access these programs a number of ways but essentially through the Exchange portal, eligibility would then be automated and the ongoing maintenance of the case would be done at the HCA. This obviously has the potential for significant impact to our members in multiple agencies and divisions of DSHS. On the broader issue of the Exchange, WFSE has been meeting with a number of legislators to discuss concerns. FTE impacts are a loss of over 100 FTE’s (intended to be vacancies at this time) in ESA and a smaller gain in HCA. Your team spent a work session together on 3/11 coming up with a comprehensive list of questions and concerns, which were sent to OFM in preparation for the  meeting with management on 3/26. The DTB on 3/26 was helpful in answering our questions however we had not moved into providing proposals yet. Our last meeting occurred on 6/21/13. At this meeting we established a statewide master agreement UMCC for the duration of the ’13-’15 CBA. We had our 4th meeting on 8/19/13 at which we negotiated how the MAS positions in HCA, including those that will be out-stationed will be filled. We are in the process of working on an MOU and I will distribute this as soon as it is complete. We were scheduled to meet on 9/20/13 to negotiate other impacts but this was canceled due to other emergent meetings involving many of the same people. We last met on 10/16/13 and provided a comprehensive proposal to close out the DTB. We received the employer’s counter proposal and met again on 2/5/14. Proposals continued to be exchanged however, the team was concerned with the lack of substance in the counter proposals received. We are now considering a proposal to separate the agencies in the DTB process and another meeting is being scheduled. The team is Sue H., Addie Rodriguez(CSD), Sherie Barnes (CSD), Karen Mork (CSD), Carol VanArnam (DCS), Linda Erickson (HCA), Maria Pedersen (HCA) and Victoria Garcia (OIC).

All represented employees – We filed a DTB on 5/5/14 in response to notice of implementation of ESSB 5173, changes in Holiday designation (faith and conscience). Dates are being reviewed and a team has not yet been appointed for this DTB.


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