Excerpt from Area Report 5/27/14 (Desiree D) Rainier School

DSHS DDA Rainier School

A demand was filed on the Institution’s proposal to hire the Buckley Police Department to increase the patrols and presence on campus.  Our proposal is to hire 2 security staff for the same $80,000.  This way we would have a 16-hour presence.  We would have an increased presence and have the ability to do foot patrols and security checks on unused buildings.  The security staff could get to know the staff and clients.  We also requested for more posted signs at all entrances and for repairs to fences.  Management stated that they had an additional duty to be performed that would not be consistent with the job class that we recommended; employee investigations.  Needless to say, the parties ended in impasse.

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  1. RAFOHunter says:

    Seriously? How will just 2 security staff give 16 hours presence on a 5-day, 40-hour, work week, you may get 8 hours of presence daily and probably at not much more than minimum wage.
    Rather than security work this sounds more like they should be socializing (‘getting to know the staff and clients’) and checking doors on old derelict and disused buildings. What training would they require for security and where would they get it and at what cost.
    Mending fences around the perimeter is a job for CMO and should already be in the maintenance budget.
    They would not have any powers to stop and search or to arrest intruders and these days who wants to confront someone who could be carrying a weapon? Let them use TO training against a Glock?
    Let the police officers do their job, that is what they are trained and paid to do.

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