Excerpt from Area Report 9/15/13 (Desiree D) DEL


Management reported on the budget at our July Union-Management Communication Committee meeting that there will be no layoffs. The budget does increase ECAP. It gives a 2%
base rate increase to providers; Early Achievers level 2 can also receive 2% increase. It was reported that management is reviewing Licensors equipment for new purchases. The Union committee asked if employees could have several options to consider and select. Management told us that it may be a year before the purchases are made but they will provide options for the employees.

Management agreed to send a statewide vacancy report to the Union. The Union questioned how management determined where a position should be place within the state. We were assured that there is always consideration of whether the position should be placed in the field rather than Headquarters. They consider the client base, if work can be performed remotely, travel and commute reqUirements, space allocation, etc.

It was brought up that it is suspected that employees may be working over 40 hours without approval. Management told us that they want employees to be paid for their work and encourages employees to seek approval. It was also stated that unapproved overtime could lead to corrective or disciplinary action. Management says they prefer a work-life and home-life
balance. It is recommended that employees seek prioritization of work from their supervisor.

A discussion was held about background checks and aliases. Management will look into the concerns and make the necessary corrections.

Hardship transfers can be made if you request the transfer in writing and communicate your need to Human Resources.


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