Excerpt from Area Reports 6/15/13 (Desiree D) - DEL

Department of Early Learning (DEL)

A phone conference was held with DEL Administration and the Union team to discuss current happenings with Merit/background checks, to receive an update on the clerical staff workload and the hiring of supplemental temporary staff for entries into MERIT.

Management reported that MERIT is a success; many licensees have been added to the databank well before the scheduled deadline. The program is less costly and provides the background information to employers. The 6 FTE that were allocated to assist in entering licensees into the database have been hired and will assist in managing workload. Management is communicating its plan on how to handle licensees who do not make the deadline for their background checks to be entered into the MERIT system.

We continue to have a concern about support staff workload the new computer system is not able to handle the search for aiiases. The support staff currently performs this duty by hand. Management will look at the issue and bring ideas to the UMCC meeting.

We also discussed the placement of positions in the field rather than at Central Office. The members expressed their desire to promote but not necessarily to move to Olympia. Management is aware of this concern and will look at placing future opportunities in the field.

The next Statewide UMCC is scheduled for July 16. We are currently soliciting agenda items for the meeting.


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