General Government bargaining update 2/6/14

Bargaining update

General Government. The General Government Bargaining Team met Thursday (Feb. 6) to solidify proposals going to the main table and to supplemental tables to deal with agency-specific issues. The team has been meeting since August to review the hundreds of proposals submitted by General Government state agency members.

This time around, there will be more of those supplemental-agency-specific tables than ever before.

The vetting of both the proposals affecting all General Government members and those affecting particular agencies came with strong research to develop credible, defensible proposals to present to management.

For the supplemental, agency-specific proposals, that will come sooner rather than later. The General Government team reviewed the list of issues going to each supplemental table and contract language for those agency-specific proposals. All ideas came from members — with many identical concepts combined and strengthened with research. Supplemental proposals are due to management by April 1.

Bargaining on issues affecting all General Government members will follow supplemental bargaining. There are more than 150 of those “main table” proposals — again vetted, combined, researched and strengthened to increase the chances of prevailing in the give-and-take of bargaining.

The team is working on bargaining priority surveys for those supplemental tables. Watch for those in coming weeks. Federation President Sue Henricksen will appoint members to those agency-specific teams.

A priority survey for all General Government members will follow later.

The team is asking all General Government members to be prepared for job actions away from the table as a way to support winning a stronger contract — and a way of voting “Yes” on the contract during bargaining and not just at the end during formal ratification.

The team meets again Feb. 25 in Olympia.


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