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Brenda Moore

Brenda Moore

General Government Bargaining Update. General Government bargaining resumes next week on Tuesday and Wednesday. Members around the state are doing the hard work to show support for a strong contract with cost-of-living adjustments (or COLAs) – and having fun with the “It’s COLA Time” slogan:

• Today (June 17) members at the DSHS Developmental Disabilities Administration office in Spokane held an “It’s COLA Time” lunch ‘n learn event. Shop Steward Brenda Moore prepared a delicious meal – pulled pork sandwiches with a barbecue sauce made with, you guessed it, cola. She also baked cola cake and provided cola soft drinks. (Thanks to Christy Coyle for sending us this news item.)

• With General Government bargaining resuming next week, Children’s workers in Tacoma look for a strong contract that addresses crushing workload and other issues. They held an event recently – captured on video by the Federation’s “Our View” newsmagazine crew and posted on the WFSE YouTube Channel:

• UPDATE: Next Wednesday (not today) Local 1326 members hold a Contract Negotiations Solidarity BBQ at the DSHS Building in Yakima (1002 N. 16th Ave.). It’ll be from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., next Wednesday, June 25. The event was changed to coincide with General Government bargaining.

• June 24 will be a statewide day to support not only the General Government Bargaining Team negotiating that day, but all of our teams. So…be seen in green and send us your selfie. It doesn’t matter what team you’re on, AFSCME GREEN spreads solidarity across all bargaining tables. Please send us your worksite photos! Share a “selfie” with us on FB or Twitter. Tag us “wfsec28.” ALSO email it to us at For more information go to:

• The next day, Wednesday, June 25, Local 1221 members in Spokane will hold a “Hotdogs & COLA Solidarity BBQ” from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the Department of Corrections parking lot at 1821 N. Maple. Members there are invited to turn out in AFSCME Green and sign the petition for a strong contract and cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs).


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