Labor Advocate Reports

Read periodic reports from WFSE/AFSCME’s Labor Advocates. Each advocate is assigned to certain agencies/institutions.

WFSE/AFSCME Labor Advocates

Currently, WFSE/AFSCME has six Labor Advocates: four assigned to WFSE Headquarters in Olympia; one in the Spokane Field Office; and one in the Seattle Field Office.

Working with appointed/assigned members and WFSE/AFSCME Council Representatives, Labor Advocates serve as the statewide contact for Union/Management Communication Committee meetings (UMCC’s) and Demands to Bargain (DTB’s) for the agencies/divisions as assigned below.

In addition, Labor Advocates provide grievance representation at Pre-Arbitration Review Meetings (PARM), Public Employment Relations Commission (PERC) mediation hearings and at arbitration hearings.

Labor Advocates also serve as Chief Negotiators for multiple contracts during contract negotiations (see Collective Bargaining).

Amy Achilles – Coordinator of Negotiations, HQ | 800-562-6002 | Read Amy’s reports

  • DSHS Statewide issues

Jennifer Dixon – Labor Advocate, Seattle FO | 800-924-5754 | Read Seattle-area reports

  • American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)
  • Early Learning (DEL)
  • Enterprise Services (DES)
  • Bellevue College (BC)
  • Everett Community College (EVCC)
  • Green River Community College (GRCC)
  • Renton Technical College (RTC)
  • Seattle Community Colleges (SeaCC)
  • Services for the Blind (DSB)
  • Shoreline Community College (ShorelineCC)
  • University of Washington/Haborview Medical Center (UW/HMC)
  • Washington Horse Racing Commission (WHRC)
  • Western Washington University (WWU)
  • Whatcom Community College (WCC)

Sean Dannen – Labor Advocate, Tacoma FO | 800-924-5753 | Read Olympia-area reports

  • Ecology
  • Health Care Authority
  • Secretary of State
  • DSHS Administrative Services, including BCCU
  • DSHS Financial Services Administration (FSA)
  • DSHS DCS Office of Financial Recovery (OFR)
  • DSHS Mental Health Institutions
  • DSHS Behavioral Health & Recovery (DBHR)
  • DSHS Special Commitment Center
  • Health (DOH)
  • South Puget Sound Community College (SPSCC)

Desiree Desselle – Labor Advocate, Spokane FO | 800-442-8618 | Read Spokane-area reports

  • Center for Childhood Deaf & Hearing Loss (CCDHL)
  • Commerce
  • DSHS Developmental Disabilities Admin (Institutions and SOLAs) – DDA
  • DSHS Disability Determination Services (DDS)
  • DSHS Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR)
  • Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA)
  • DSHS Juvenile Justice and Rehabilitation Administration (JJRA)
  • Kitsap Tenant Support Services (KTSS)
  • Washington State School for the Blind (WSSB)
  • Central Washington University (CWU)
  • Community Colleges of Spokane (CCSpokane)
  • Eastern Washington University (EWU)
  • Washington State University (WSU)

Ed Casey | 800-562-6002 |

  • Corrections (DOC)
  • Criminal Justice Training Commission (CJTC)
  • Liquor Control Board (LCB)
  • Parks and Recreation
  • State Patrol (WSP)
  • CWU Police
  • EWU Police
  • Shoreline Police
  • TESC Police
  • UW Police
  • WWU Police

Sherri-Ann Burke – Labor Advocate, HQ | 800-562-6002 | Read Olympia-area reports

  • Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals (BIIA)
  • Commerce
  • Consolidated Technology Services (CTS)
  • Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
  • DSHS Home and Community Services (HCS)
  • Human Rights Commission (HRC)
  • Labor and Industries (L&I)
  • Licensing (DOL)
  • Lottery
  • Military Department
  • Natural Resources (DNR)
  • Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH)
  • Office of Insurance Commissioner (OIC)
  • Office of Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises (OMWBE)
  • Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO)
  • Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC)
  • Workforce Training and Education Board (WTEB)
  • Lower Columbia College (LCC)
  • Peninsula College (PC)
  • Tacoma Community College (TCC)

Susanna F – Labor Advocate, HQ | 800-562-6002 | Read Olympia-area reports

  • ABHS – American Behavioral Health Systems (Lead)
  • DSHS Children’s Administration (CA)
  • DSHS Community Services Division (CSD)
  • DSHS Division of Child Support (DCS)
  • DSHS Developmental Disabilities Admin (DD Field)
  • DSHS Residential Care Services (RCS)

Vacant – Labor Advocate, HQ | 800-562-6002 | Read Olympia-based reports

Temporarily Assigned

  • Agriculture (AGR) | Desiree
  • Arts Commission | Susanna
  • DSHS Consolidated Maintenance Operations (CMO) | Desiree Desselle
  • Employment Security (ESD)| Sherri-Ann Burke
  • Fish and Wildlife (DFW) | Sean Dannen
  • Transportation (DOT) | Sean Dannen
  • Centralia College (CC) | Jennifer Dixon
  • The Evergreen State College (TESC) | Sean Dannen

Send your message to the Labor Advocate assigned to your agency/institution or to the Coordinator, Amy Achilles.

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