Spokane-based Area Reports - Desiree Desselle

Desiree Desselle – Labor Advocate, Spokane FO


  • Center for Childhood Deaf & Hearing Loss (CCDHL)
  • DSHS Developmental Disabilities Admin (Institutions and SOLAs) – DDA
  • DSHS Disability Determination Services (DDS)
  • DSHS Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR)
  • Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA)
  • DSHS Juvenile Justice and Rehabilitation Administration (JJRA)
  • Kitsap Tenant Support Services (KTSS)
  • Washington State School for the Blind (WSSB)
  • Central Washington University (CWU)
  • Community Colleges of Spokane (CCSpokane)
  • Eastern Washington University (EWU)
  • Washington State University (WSU)

Temporary Assignments (7/21/14)

  • Agriculture (AGR)
  • DSHS Consolidated Maintenance Operations (CMO)


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