Shop Stewards

Shop Stewards are the eyes and ears of a union. They make sure that the contract is enforced fairly. If there are problems, it is up to the Shop Steward to file a grievance or resolve the problems through other means.

Shop Stewards are not only important to the daily operations of the union, they are also co-workers who care deeply for worker rights. They are usually the first people to learn of a member’s grievance.

Shop Stewards take time out of their busy schedules to attend union meetings, to study their contract so they are skilled at interpreting it, and to meet with union staff.

Shop Stewards receive valuable training, and are well experienced in conditions of work, job descriptions, safety and health, salary classifications, and the benefit package.

How can I become a steward?

You must be a WFSE/AFSCME member, complete the Steward In Action (SIA) training, and be appointed by the council president.

Stewardship will:

  • Expand your ability to negotiate and mediate.
  • Expand your ability to listen and analyze situations quickly.
  • Support and increase the morale for yourself and your fellow co-workers.
  • Practice bringing advocacy and justice for all your union brothers and sisters.
  • Empower yourself with knowledge of you management and the contract.
  • Empower your co-workers by leading them to the knowledge they need to be successful in their jobs.

The Steward experience will help you understand and appreciate that by accomplishing justice for one – justice serves all.

Stewards must be a WFSE/AFSCME member, complete training and be appointed by the council president.

Learn more about our Shop Stewards in the Steward Center (linked in the top green menu bar).

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