Volunteer Member Organizers

VMOs help non-union workers win workers’ rights!

Now more than ever, workers are joining the union to win fairness, respect and a voice on the job.

Public service workers are joining WFSE/AFSCME to 
protect their rights and build a real future for their families. As a VMO, you can help organize for power!

It’s time to build our union and win a stronger voice to fight for 
workers’ rights and against unfair treatment.



Why become a VMO?

  • Make a difference
    As a VMO you will inspire non-union workers to unite for better pay, benefits and respect. As a union member, you can speak first-hand about how the union can help.
  • Develop skills
    As a volunteer organizer, you’ll learn organizing techniques and develop leadership skills – skills that put to use can make a real difference in people’s lives.
  • Build a stronger union
    Growing our union will make WFSE/AFSCME stronger at the bargaining table and in the ballot box. It will help us fight back against cuts, furloughs and unfair treatment.



What do VMOs do?

  • VMOs talk about the power of the union. Organizing is 
mobilizing non-union workers to take a stand.
  • VMOs listen to non-union workers and share with them the benefits of forming a union.
  • VMOs make house visits and phone calls to inspire others to take a stand for justice.

Inspire … Lead … Encourage

Join an organizing campaign for a few days or a few weeks. Fill out the form below and we’ll contact you – or contact Pam Carl at 800-562-6002.


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