WFSE Spring

WFSESpring-redThe time is now . . . to fight for COLAs, fairness and quality services.

Now more than ever we must take action to strengthen our union and protect our future.  Coordinated attacks on unions and workers’ rights across this country could soon impact us right here in Washington.  We are at a crossroads.  Either we unite and fight back like never before to strengthen our union or all we have fought for could be lost: living wages, basic union rights, affordable health care and real pensions.  We cannot take any of this for granted any longer.  It’s time to fight back and demand COLAs and fairness, while defending our union rights and making our voice stronger.

We need you.

Join us at this critical time by taking action now.  Join a FOX.

What is a FOX?

Over the next few months we must talk individually with as many people as we can to help them understand what’s at stake. We’ve created five Field Organizing Committees (FOXes) made up of members like you who will help coordinate the various campaigns going on in each area such as:

  1. campaigns for all our members to get involved in the fight for stronger contracts;
  2. reaching out to non-members to help them understand that only by having a strong membership can our bargaining teams win what people want; and
  3. connecting with potential allies and businesses within our communities to build solidarity for our fight.

FOXes will have regular check in calls to keep track of our progress towards our goals and to stay united.

To join a FOX, contact the Council Rep. serving as the FOX Coordinator in your area.

We look forward to working together over the next few months as we bring in new members, and get more of our current members engaged in our fight to win strong contracts with the pay we deserve.

Want to help but don’t have time to join a FOX? Sign this pledge card and we’ll contact you when help is needed.

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