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Latest bargaining update: Time for action in General Government!

80816a-webGeneral Government Bargaining Update 8/9/16


Our General Government Bargaining Team met for their latest round of bargaining Aug. 8 and 9. This capped two weeks of negotiations where the General Government team worked into the night to move as many articles forward as the focus intensifies on our top identified priorities: real pay raises to bring competitive pay and a stable workforce, and affordable health care.

• As of Tuesday (Aug. 9), the General Government team had reached tentative agreements on 47 of the 53 articles bargained at this table.

• The 54th article is the separate Health Care Agreement that covers the percentage of health insurance premiums you pay, among other provisions. The Health Care article is bargained in coalition with other state employee unions; those negotiations resume Aug. 26.

• The General Government Bargaining Team negotiates again Aug. 29 and 30; more tough negotiations on the Compensation article are expected. The next day, the big Invest in Washington Rally Aug. 31

• With health care bargaining and General Government bargaining Aug. 29 and 30, the rally will help send the message for a fair contract!

• Our team continues to push for respect on all parts of the contract, on pay, health care and for fair treatment in the workplace. That’s why our voice matters by coming to the Invest in Washington Rally Aug. 31 at the state Capitol. RSVP today! More details below.


80816b-web• The team on Aug. 8 welcomed some 50 members from locals in King County and other high-cost areas of the state to push for locality pay. Why? Because it’s getting harder and harder for state employees to live in the communities where they work because of high costs, including housing and childcare. They greeted the management team before bargaining shouting, “What do we want? Locality pay! When do we want it? NOW!” They then traveled to the state Capitol to present some 1,350 petition cards and photos of affected members to the governor’s office. For more details and images, go online to our “Respect is a Living Wage” page:”

For more on our Locality Pay effort, go to:

• Before they departed for the Capitol, these members joined the General Government Bargaining Team and the governor’s team in a rare show of unity as they observed a moment of silence for Lt. Col. Flando Jackson, a Community Corrections officer 3 with the state Department of Corrections and an active member of King County DOC Local 308. He perished in a non-combat fatality in Southwest Asia in his service in the Washington Air National Guard. It was part of the operation to defeat ISIS. More online:


Corrections members Bill Copland, Don Malo and Judith Lang urge us all to come to the Invest in Washington Rally Aug. 31.
Corrections members Bill Copland, Don Malo and Judith Lang urge us all to come to the Invest in Washington Rally Aug. 31.

To win at the bargaining table on your priorities – pay and health care — we need to show a strong contract matters.

Unless we take action now, we will not win real raises and the gains we need and deserve. It’s time to turn up the heat. Timing is everything and the rally comes in the wake of another round of bargaining on compensation and on the article dealing with your health care costs.

RSVP for the Invest in Washington Rally, Aug. 31

#InvestInWa Rally
Join us at the rally AUG 31 to urge Gov. Jay Inslee to stop the revolving door for state employment and invest in his workforce to keep Washington working for our communities.

RSVP to join us at the Aug. 31 rally in Olympia. If we don’t show up, we’re not going to make real gains:

Rally details:

Noon-1 p.m., Wednesday, Aug. 31, State Capitol Rotunda, Olympia

RSVP today! We’ll have lunch for those who RSVP!

AND E-MAIL Governor Inslee:


Only YOU can urge the governor to support meaningful raises for state employees, action on health insurance, and provide immediate relief of short staffing and workloads.

That’s what it’ll take to win a final, fair contract in September. It all depends on us. Come to the Capitol Aug. 31!

Your voice urging him to invest in Washington will make a difference. Silence is not an alternative.
RSVP today:

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• For more information on General Government bargaining and to get a message to your team, go to:

Note: A subcommittee of the team makes up the Bargaining Communications Committee that prepares these reports: Rick Hertzog, Kate Rogers, Ginger Bernethy, Heather Pyles, Imelda Ang and Kerry Graber.


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  1. When will we get the respect we deserve? Great job WFSE standing up for us and showing them that we need RESPECT!

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