Giving Green

Giving Green

Hello fellow green caucus members,

Heading into Thanksgiving we are already getting bombarded with sales pitches for after-holiday shopping.  I ran across a link from the Huffington Post on non-material Christmas gifts from last year, and I wanted to share it in case you are thinking like me, “enough with the buying stuff already!”

As we head into another Christmas season, and for some, into more tough times, this is a good moment to consider supporting local economies by avoiding chain stores, and giving personalized experiences instead of stuff when you can.  This is hard, because I know my kids like to have a box or two to open, but my husband and I are providing vacation experiences for my teens this year instead of a lot of things.  Here’s hoping for a very green holiday to you all.

I am also including a link to an interesting article in The Nation on capitalism versus climate.  It is a long read, but a great in-depth article about the complexity of the problems we face as a planet and a society.  Great analysis on the current politics of climate change.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Kerry Graber


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