Green Caucus links environment, economy


WFSE/AFSCME Green Caucus Chair Kerry Graber, Local 872, Thurston County Ecology, discusses key issues with Rep. Roger Freeman of the 30th Dist.

The Federation’s Green Caucus, dedicated to promoting sustainability within the union and our communities, held its second annual lobby day Tuesday (Jan. 22) and delivered their message on parks, toxics cleanup and climate change to about a dozen lawmakers.

Caucus Chair Kerry Graber, of Thurston County Ecology Local 872, said we all need to see the link between environmentalism and the economy by just looking at the Hurricane Sandy devastation and the effect on communities, public services and public employees.

The Green Caucus members held a lunchtime discussion with legislators and hammered on three key points:

• Support state parks, including sustainable funding and options on reinventing the agency.

• Washington’s Toxics Account, including funding state cleanup, voluntary cleanup review and pollution prevention.

• Climate change, including evaluating potential impacts, planning for the future and reducing our carbon footprint.
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