Helping members with an injury or illness is an issue

Have you had a member or his/her family member in your office deal with an illness, injury, domestic violence, Labor and Industries claim, or reasonable accommodation issue?
When medical issues arise, our members can be greatly affected physically, emotionally and financially.

As a shop steward, you have resources that may be used to really help our membership dealing with these issues.

Your contract has provisions for shared leave, reasonable accommodation, the Family Medical Leave Act, Family Care Act, Domestic Violence Leave Act, as well as Labor and Industries laws. Consider sharing this information with members you know of who are having these types of issues.

Oftentimes employees who are using a lot of leave or are forced to take leave without pay are targeted by management as having performance issues when in reality it is an illness or injury issue.

By helping our members exercise their federal and state law rights as well as contractual rights, we protect our membership from possible discipline, corrective action, termination and financial hardship.

As a steward, one thing you may do to help your member is to contact Tim Welch at WFSE HQ when shared leave is needed. Once management has approved the member’s request to apply for shared leave, contact Tim and he will post the request on the statewide Hotline that is distributed statewide, posted online and in this newspaper. Shared leave allows members with excess leave to donate that leave to members in need of sick leave.

Shop stewards are a valued resource for our membership with these types of issues. Imagine the pain and stress that comes with a serious illness/injury and then imagine yourself in that situation.

Use the contractual rights our members have and protect them from additional stress and actions taken by management.


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